About the She’s My Sister Bike Tour

Join us on a 10-day tour to stand for justice and ride for hope. By riding your bike across the state of Florida, you can help raise awareness and support for American Bible Society’s trauma healing programs. These programs use God’s Word to provide hope and restoration to women, children and men who have experienced war and violence.

Join us on a Florida Tour.

Ride from Daytona Beach to Miami, Florida. (June 6 – 16)  Learn more!

Can’t Go on a Bike Tour? Become an Active Advocate.

You can still help as an Active Advocate as you bike, hike or run in your area to make a difference in the lives of our sisters in the Congo

Active Advocates are a group of people who are advocating year-round, in their local community, on behalf of our sisters in the Congo. If you’re an Active Advocate, you are more than event-driven. You are cause-driven. You desire to live differently, to serve those who need your voice to tell stories that would otherwise go untold. Learn more!

Over the Past Three Summers, 36 Dedicated and Passionate Cyclists:
  • Pedaled a combined 4,800 miles through 19 different states
  • Raised $337,000
  • Supported the rapid growth of over 150 trauma healing sites
  • Presented 98 times to almost 12,000 people
  • Gave  50 interviews to newspapers, television broadcasts and radio.

Join us in 2014!

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